Today is the first day of the midterm Election, with early voting locations open across Ohio. We have from now until November 4th to get Ohioans to the polls and elect candidates who can lead our State and nation forward. I need your help to convince your friends, neighbors, and family why they need to vote in this crucial election.

In an effort to suppress the Democratic Party’s vote, Governor Kasich and his Administration successfully attacked our voting rights – reducing the number of days we can vote early and cancelling the Golden Week. But as of today, Early Voting has officially begun in Ohio and it is time that we make our voices heard!

If we stand together there is no doubt that we can continue to build a better and brighter future. With less than a month until Election Day, I am asking for $25, $50, or $100 to help Get Out The Vote and ensure Democrats have a strong finish this November.

Tim Ryan
Member of Congress

P.S. With Election Day quickly approaching, contributing whatever you can afford can and will make the difference for Democrats and me this Fall.