Here we go again. Same backward path for our country, different year. 

That’s what I thought when I watched Ohio’s Governor John Kasich announce his candidacy for President earlier today.

Instead of focusing on how to improve the lives of Ohioans, Governor Kasich has decided to turn his attention to become the 16th declared Republican candidate running for President. And trust me he has no business being President.  Join me down memory lane:

  • Kasich balanced the budget and gave tax breaks to corporate millionaires on the backs of children and working families
  • Kasich tried to bully cops, firefighters and public workers during his assault on collective bargaining.
  • Kasich cut local government funds forcing local elected leaders to raise your local taxes.

We need a President who has courage to stand up for the rights of all Americans and someone we can trust. It does not take courage to give tax breaks to the most elite in our society while hurting our hometowns and mortgaging our kids future. That’s not someone we can trust to make the tough decisions while leading our country.

Simply put, Governor Kasich is wrong for Ohio and wrong for America. 

Please donate $5, $15, $50, or $100 to help me build a campaign that will focus on Ohio and fight for you, your job, your kids future. We need new ideas and a path forward for our communities and working families.