Scientists agree that global climate change is real, but its impacts are being felt firsthand by Ohio’s farmers, sportsmen, and working families. From the disappearing habitat of the Buckeye Tree to the toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie, things will only get worse if we do not get serious about reducing carbon pollution.

The consequences of inaction will be felt not by politicians in Washington, but by the communities they have let down. As a father, Tim understands we have a duty to our children and grandchildren to do all we can to prevent the economic and environmental devastation that climate change threatens.

Tim believes that by stepping up to the challenge of combating climate change we can also jump start Ohio’s green energy economy. Each wind turbine that spins in northwest Ohio has over 8,000 parts that could be built by machinists in Youngstown and Akron. In Congress, Tim has supported investment in green energy, liquefied natural gas, and fuel-efficient automotive technology, which create tens of thousands of Ohio jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Clean air and fresh water are not partisan issues. Tim fought attempts by big business to gut environmental safeguards that keep our air and water clean. He has also worked with fellow Ohio representatives of both parties to ensure that Lake Erie and Ohio’s waterways are protected.

Taking action to preserve our environment

  • In 2015, Tim worked with the Port of Cleveland and a bipartisan group of Ohio representatives to support a plan that ends sediment dumping in Lake Erie. This common sense plan ensures clean drinking water for 40 million people while preserving the over 18,000 jobs tied to the Port of Cleveland and the Cuyahoga river channel.
  • As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, Tim has supported investments in green jobs and opposed cuts that would endanger Ohio’s environment and clean-energy economy.
  • Working across the aisle, Tim and fellow Ohio Representatives passed legislation strengthening the federal government’s response to toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie. This legislation was signed into law as part of the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act of 2016

Together we can preserve our environment for future generations