Medicare and Social Security represent a promise to America’s seniors and future retirees — that after a lifetime of hard work, they can retire with dignity and financial security. Retired Americans have paid into these earned benefits their whole working lives, and Tim believes we owe it to them to protect that promise and preserve Social Security and Medicare for future generations.

For years, Republicans have pushed a reckless plan to privatize and dismantle Medicare and social security. Under the GOP plan, Medicare would be replaced with vouchers or “premium support.” This would end Medicare as we know it, and leave those seniors who cannot afford insurance through vouchers completely uninsured. Tim understands that this would be a disaster for America’s seniors and opposes the GOP plan to privatize Medicare.

Throughout the 2016 Presidential campaign, President Trump promised to protect Social Security and Medicare. Despite these promises, he now says that he is open to cutting Social Security and Medicare if elected to a second term. Ryan will stand up to President Trump and ensure that Medicare and Social Security continue to be there for our seniors.

Taking action on Seniors’ Issues

  • Tim has consistently voted against Republican plans to cut, privatize, and dismantle Social Security and Medicare.
  • In 2016, Tim voted no on government funding bills that failed to protect the pensions of Ohio coal miners and members of the Central States Pensions Plan.

Together we can protect Social Security and Medicare