AUGUST 13, 2012

Ryan for Congress Press Office


Today, Rep. Tim Ryan issued the following statement in response to reports that Secretary of State Jon Husted has extended early voting hours in areas of the state that tend to vote Republican, while limiting early voting availability in areas with more Democratic voters:

“Secretary of State Husted is entrusted to make sure that election laws are enforced so that every voter in Ohio has an equal opportunity to cast a ballot, and is treated fairly at the polls. Instead it appears that he is using political calculations to limit who gets to vote and when during early voting, to help make sure Republicans are at an advantage in November’s elections. This is a clear violation of his role to oversee Ohio’s elections in a non-partisan way. It also shows that Republicans in Ohio are so short on ideas that they have to resort to limiting voters’ access to polling locations to try and win.

The right to vote is so sacred that people have fought and died to uphold this freedom, and now Secretary of State Husted is manipulating a fundamental part of our democracy to score cheap political points. This inequality has no place in our elections, and I urge him to take steps immediately to make sure all voters have full and equal access to early voting opportunities.”