In the last couple weeks, we have been on quite a wild ride in politics. These have been some of the most frustrating times that I have faced as a legislator in the people’s house. Never have I seen such vicious attacks on core American values; let alone the attacks on the personal character of those that disagree over policy. These have truly been some of the worst weeks in politics, with incidents like:  Gov. Kasich pre-emptively turning down federal disaster aid after the recent tornadoes, a federal judge forwarding emails that imply that President Obama’s mother practices bestiality, Rush calling a woman a slut and a prostitute, Rush saying women who practice safe sex should make sex tapes, women should put aspirin between their legs as a form of birth control, and a congressional hearing barring women from testifying… And that just covers the last two weeks. I am writing this in hopes that you won’t give up on the political process. That you won’t be disenchanted. There is the old saying “the darkest hour is right before the dawn.” And I truly believe that, we may be facing difficult times here in the 13th district and across Ohio but all of the reactionary garbage is in response to positive changes. I want to take this time to remind you of all that we have accomplished or are attempting to make better. The first signs of economic revival: Through solid leadership we are starting to see our country come out of a horrible recession, adding 227,000 jobs this month. The stimulus that was spent has spurred new industries and innovation that has allowed us to do things like windmill farms and natural gas exploration, for the first time in 10 years our dependence on foreign oil has decreased, here at home we are leading the nation in export growth up by 30% aided by tariffs on Chinese tires and piping we are seeing Multiple Democracies in the Middle East: Over the last couple years we have seen revolutions in multiple countries leading to democratic movements. The US and the international community have supported these movements and we are seeing the positive outcomes that come with consistent leadership. Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda: Their international strength has been broken and their leaders have paid the ultimate price for attacking the US. With consistent policies, we have seen significant gains in our’s and the world’s security. A health care reform bill: The bills that we passed are far from perfect but they are a honest attempt to reform a system that historically has not provided care to millions and burdened millions more with huge expenses. Over the last couple years we have begun to take steps to reform this process and improve access. And because of this: the average senior citizen is saving 900 per month, millions now have coverage, are protected from bogus preexisting condition requirements, and our young adults now have a chance to get on their feet before paying for insurance. A successful and growing Auto Industry: In the midst of a economic free fall, President Obama took bold action and with Congressional support helped save the American auto industry. Now in 2011, the Chevy Cruze is one of the best small cars on the market and GM is expanding internationally. All across Ohio, we are feeling the economic benefit of what was thought to be a political disaster a few short years ago. Ended one war and winding down a second: In 2008, we were stuck in two wars with no direction or path to victory. Three short years later we have closed the book on the Iraq war and are seeing the first signs of an independent state there. And we finally have a plan for bringing home our men and women from Iraq. These are accomplishments that we can all take pride in and these are the accomplishments that we cannot be distracted from. No matter what. In this race to the bottom, misguided politicians have chosen to scare their way to electoral success. Don’t let this happen, remember the path we are on. Remember the positive changes that we are making. There is more to come. I know that I am excited for the future and I hope that you will join me in this.