Last week, Republicans in the Ohio Legislature renewed their attack on voting rights. This summer, the US District Court overturned Governor Kasich and Secretary of State Husted’s elimination of Early Voting. Then on September 4th a Federal Judge blocked the Ohio Republican rollback of early voting from 35 to 28 days and their elimination of the “Golden Week” in which voters can register and vote at the same time the week before Election Day. And now Republicans in our State Legislature are calling for a restrictive and suppressive ‘Voter ID’ law to restrict the right to vote in Ohio.

Voting is a fundamental Constitutional right and the backbone of any Democracy. We should be doing everything in our power to ensure that voting is easier and more accessible – not more difficult. We cannot and must not stand idly by while our most basic human rights are eroded.

Let’s work together to finally bring this relentless assault on voting rights in Ohio to an abrupt end.

Tim Ryan
Member of Congress