Republicans and the right-wing media have come up with some crazy stories about the content of the new health care reform bill.

Again, we’re here the set the record straight.

What Republicans say: This bill provides funding for abortion.

The truth: No, it doesn’t. Obama signed an Executive Order to make sure that this bill did not upset any long standing precedents that Federal funds cannot be used to fund abortion. Hey, if FOX News says it’s true, then it must be (that was a joke).

What Republicans say: This bill provides coverage for illegal immigrants.

The truth: No, it doesn’t. Details from The Associated Press.

What Republicans say: This bill is unconstitutional because it forces people to buy health insurance.

The truth: Republicans wanted individual accountability, and here it is. By forcing people to buy insurance, insurance premiums will decrease for everybody. Because people will be “forced” to buy insurance, and thus have health insurance coverage, they will need less money from entitlement programs. This provision of the bill satisfies the age-old insurance business model that’s been around for hundreds of years: the more payers there are into the system, the cheaper it is for everybody. The more people that have insurance, the less people need entitlement services. The less people need entitlement services, the less tax dollars required to fund those services. This provision will only reduce taxes for everyone across the board.

And as for this provision and the bill being unconstitutional, try again Republicans… “Under long-settled Supreme Court precedents, Congress has ample power under the commerce clause of the Constitution to legislate on health care…”  Details.

A frivolous lawsuit against the Federal Government… what a waste of taxpayer dollars. 

What Republicans say: This bill socialized our health care system.

The truth: This bill is far from socialized medicine. In a truly socialized health care system, insurance companies and private doctor practices wouldn’t exist and citizens would be “assigned” a doctor. Doctors would be employees of the Federal Government and our tax dollars would fund 100% of our health coverage. Last we checked, insurance companies exist (and are doing fairly well for themselves!) and we have yet to meet a doctor hired by the Federal Government. If you do, please call Tim Ryan for Congress at 330-652-6900.

Immediate changes of health care reform

What Republicans say: This bill will increase taxes for everybody.

The truth: Only the richest 2% in America will experience some type of tax increase. But think of it the way the bill was designed – insurance premiums have been increasing at an average rate of 20% per year… that means your insurance premiums will double every three and a half years! Wouldn’t you rather pay 2% (non-indexed, meaning it doesn’t increase with inflation) tax to prevent your insurance premiums from doubling in less than four years? In the end, even the richest 2% are still better off than before the legislation, because their insurance premium rate hikes will come to a screeching halt.

What Republicans say: This bill will increase insurance premiums.

The truth: The insurance industry in America is in the form of an oligopoly: several providers of insurance coerce on price fixing and agree on premium rates. Because providers of health insurance are so few, they collectively have the bargaining power over hard working, blue-collared Americans. The insurance companies agree on price fixing, discuss it among themselves and charge whatever they want for insurance. Certain providers have exclusive access to pockets of the United States. That’s why premiums have gone through the roof in recent years! Insurance premiums have increased nearly 1,000% faster than inflation in most developing countries. The new health care reform strips insurance providers of that coverage.

The new health care reform includes an “exchange” of insurance providers. Think of the “exchange” as a central marketplace for insurance companies to sell their products. Now that individuals have the option to choose a health insurance plan from anywhere in the country, instead of just the one provided to them because of where they live, competition among insurance companies will increase significantly. Increased competition makes premiums go down for everyone.

Insurance premiums will not increase nearly at the rate which they have been because that greedy tactic has been stripped of the big business insurers. 

What Republicans say: There will be a rationing health care.

How? Through a shortage of doctors?

What Republicans say: There will be a shortage of doctors.

The truth: there will be an increase in wages for doctors because of the shortage, which will make medical school and becoming a doctor more attractive to students, which will increase the supply of doctors. Isn’t that what a free-market, conservative Economist would say? Isn’t that “Reganomics” … lettin’ the free market do it’s thing?

Estimated savings for family health insurance

What Republicans say: This bill is a job killer.

The truth: many people only continue working because they wouldn’t have access to health care coverage if it wasn’t for their employer. By making access more affordable on the individual exchange, many people would retire and purchase insurance on their own, thus opening up  many job opportunities.

What Republicans say: This bill will kill old people due to Medicare cuts.

The truth: Although there are Medicare cuts to physicians for services provided, they are phased back in starting this year. The changes will “result in a significantly higher payment rates for physicians than those that would result under current law. The details of this can be found in a letter written by the CBO Executive Director to a Republican Representative.